Growing Goats and Girls

Growing Goats and Girls by Rosanne Hodin, published by Hodder, April 16th.

Ever dream of packing up and escaping to a simpler life on the land, just the Cornish landscape and a few cows and goats rising up to greet you each day? When Rosanne and her husband left London for the Cornwall idyll they knew little of farming, the seasons and milking; but over time they found their way, rising to each new challenge and embracing all that the land gave them.

From their tumbled down farmhouse in Cornwall they learn to rear goats, chickens, pigs, bees – and two girls. The family lives off the land, growing and eating all they need, and battling with pests large and small. Cheese gets made, fruit is preserved and friendships forged with the community around them.

Charting the season of this wild and beautiful countryside over thirty years, Growing Goats and Girls is an earthy portrait of the calamities and comforts of family life as they savour the joys of nature, connection and renewal.

Hodin family The farm
Girl with goats Georgie with ducklings

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