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"Painting is for me a way to express my enjoyment in what I see and experience, in a medium that I love. This can happen in very diverse places and circumstances.

I have always loved wild and lonely places, to be amongst the hills or beside the sea; I have set up my easel on the shores of the Western Isles, where the sea gives way to even more distant islands, and amidst the East Anglian marshes, where trees and masts pierce the flat horizon. Trees are an ongoing passion, with their infinite variety of shape and pattern, each one unique and full of character.

In complete contrast I have begun to paint London townscapes in and around Wandsworth, where I live: the brick terrace and gardens I see from my studio window and views from the river bank in Battersea.

I love to draw people, ideally as anonymous observer of the unselfconscious figure, or groups of figures, but also to make more studied portraits when time allows; I love to see the shapes that people make and how the tiniest shift of position or change in expression can present an entirely new challenge.

Still life subjects come as a peaceful change from wrestling with light scurrying across the hills or anticipating the sudden movement of figures; here there is time to reflect on objects which after a while begin to take on a life of their own."

Sarah Bryant studied at the Byam Shaw School of Painting and Drawing (foundation year), and at the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts (BA Hons in Fine Art-Painting); also at the Institute of Education (Art Teacher's Certificate).

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