Growing Goats and Girls


'A love letter to the British countryside - and to her family - Hodin’s book is a wonderfully earthy story of fresh Cornish air. Every day on Large Bottom Farm is an adventure from start to finish.'
Alice Crossley
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'Amazing amazing achievement. Rosanne Hodin’s joyful book, a true story of haphazard self-sufficiency and the goodlife in Cornwall is the perfect cure for the lockdown blues'
Ed Watts

'A delightful and funny memoir of her family's crazy life in the English countryside. Perfect escapist reading for these locked-down times'
Salman Rushdie

'A total joy... enchanting, hilarious and vivid... Beautifully written, richly informative...'
Liz Calder

'A gem of a book that made me fall in love with Cornwall all over again! If you've ever dreamed of leaving it all behind. A heart-warming memoir of moving to the glorious Cornish countryside and taking up farming is the perfect antidote to city life.'
Nikola Scott

'I love it, it pulls you in so quickly; impressive'
Laura Heywood

'A great mix of humour and revelation'
Charles Nicholl

'The perfect feel-good memoir'
Hannah Black

'I just love it. A golden gem of a book'
Jane Garton

'Written with such courage and passion'
Judy Clulow

'It’s a perfect lockdown read. Loving your book'
Andrea Emerson

'Your book is going to be the perfect antidote to the grim stuff around.'
Charles Fox