Past clients

AB Charitable Trust

As a charitable trust, ABCT try to keep their costs to a minimum so that they can give as much money as possible to the causes they support. They asked Select Ideas for a minimalist website and we built just that.

Alphamosaic Ltd

We did a review of Alphamosaic’s website and rewrote much of the highly technical material to make it easier for their customers to use. Unfortunately for us, the company was so successful that it was taken over by Broadcom and the site disappeared.

Bishop’s Quay

Bishop’s Quay was a family house on the Helford River, available to let for holidays, which has now been sold. We included photos of the accommodation and the area around it, and had the home page translated into Dutch and German to attract holiday-makers from abroad.

Charles Fox

Charles Fox, garden designer and artist, wanted to display his paintings of gardens, flowers, animals and landscapes. We made him his first online gallery to help him sell his paintings and attract commissions.

Coastal Camping in Pembrokeshire

This spectacular campsite is in a huge field on the coast of Pembrokeshire with access to the sea. We made a website to show off the surroundings and provide the essential information for people to book their pitches in time for the summer.

Disability Rights Commission

We were asked to review the DRC website to answer some specific questions about its usability and produce a report with recommendations at short notice, which we did. The DRC has since been subsumed into the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Dulverton Trust

Dulverton wanted a very plain website that would explain their policy as clearly as possible to charities wishing to apply for a grant. Our brief was to make a website that would be easy for Dulverton staff to update themselves.

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency was piloting an internal website to help its staff deal with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We were invited to provide an independent audit before the site was launched.

Growing Goats and Girls

We built a website to coincide with the publication of this delightful book by Rosanne Hodin. Growing Goats and Girls is subtitled “Tales from the good life on a Cornish farm”.

Helen Doe

Dr Helen Doe, maritime historian, author and lecturer, wanted a website to promote her books and talks on maritime history. We used old and new photographs, drawings and book covers to make an attractive site describing the fascinating topics that Helen has researched and written about.

Human Sciences, Oxford University

The Human Sciences course at Oxford brings together five different academic disciplines to study humans as a biological, social and cultural species. We made the first version of the website to reflect the variety of studies and help candidates make informed choices.

Ivan Lapper artist

One of our longest-standing websites, Ivan Lapper’s online gallery promoted his huge variety of work: paintings of Venice, the Isle of Wight, Cornwall, Shropshire and Norfolk. Also his vivid reconstructions of historical scenes and characters, which can be seen in great houses, castles and museums all over the UK.

Lark & Frogmouth Books

A new publishing venture wanted a web page to promote its launch title The Nuremberg Enigma by Yves Bonavero, which came out in November 2016. We made the page quickly and initially hosted it on our Select Ideas site so that it would be found by search engines as soon as possible.

Navy Records Society

The Navy Records Society needed a site that would allow researchers to find the documents they were looking for quickly and easily. We organised the material into new categories, using PHP and a MySQL database to produce pages with an abstract of each publication.

Newcomen Society

We made an extensive site with a wealth of information about engineering history and which provided access to the scientific papers in the Society’s archive.

Paxos Festival Trust

The Paxos Festival Trust holds music festivals on the Greek island of Paxos. After a period of uncertainty over funding which meant their website had become obsolete, we rationalised the site and updated it with details of forthcoming concerts.

Philadelphia Association

The Philadelphia Association website tells people about training in psychotherapy, as well as finding a suitable therapist or using one of their community houses. We organised the site to make it easy for people to find the information relevant to them.

Queen Alexandra’s House

Queen Alexandra’s House in South Kensington provides accommodation for female students. The website is an important tool for registering and recruiting new residents. We also wanted to show off this Arts & Crafts building, with its Victorian tile pictures.

REACH volunteering UK

REACH matches qualified volunteers to voluntary organisations. We organised the website to serve three separate audiences – volunteers, voluntary organisations and people interested in what REACH does.

The Society for Nautical Research (SNR)

We re-organised the content on the SNR website with simple and fast navigation, to allow it to develop into a more interactive site. We then added a password-protected Members’ Area, including a discussion forum.