Susan Howe - entertaining speaker

Historian and enthusiast

Inspired by her extraordinarily colourful life and her passion for history, Susan is an entertaining speaker in demand all over the UK.

She has a phenomenal memory for quirky and unusual facts, which serves her well whether she's working as a Blue Badge Guide or giving one of her inimitable talks.

"a witty and well-informed speaker with a wondrous way with words"

Susan's talks, given without slides, reflect her exceptional experiences and her love of history as a living and vibrant subject.

What marks her out as different is the funny, individual, conversational way that she speaks, without notes. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

Susan believes in making people smile and hopes that they learn something interesting along the way. She wants her audiences to come away having had fun.

She is available to speak anywhere in the UK. For details and availability, please contact her.

Susan Howe 
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